On this page I wanted to talk a little more in depth about Wealthy Affiliate – How I found them, what they are, and why I recommend them.

How did I find out about them?

I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate after I met a guy named Dean at an internet marketing MeetUp. He told me his story of making almost $500,000 in sales in his first year and a half using what he learned there. The guy was so cool and casual I had no reason not to believe him.

Wealthy Affiliate courseHere’s what the dashboard looks like once you sign up… which is FREE to do by the way.

It’s a really easy interface to get used to.

What is it?

It’s is a community/training program aimed at actually teaching you how to make money online. In my Wealthy Affiliate Review I compare it to social media. In my opinion it’s kind of like a Facebook for anybody that wants to make money online… except that there are tons of courses too.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate because:

  • The community genuinely wants you to succeed
  • They give away free information I would gladly paid for
  • They talk about REAL, long-term methods for success online

In summary, they aren’t a scam. Which is something I worry about with online education.

What you’ll learn

Wealthy Affiliate CoursesThere are 5 core lessons on Wealthy Affiliate. The first course is free so if you try making money online and decide it isn’t for you (NO WAY I BELIEVE THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN), then you didn’t lose anything.

I can almost guarantee though that once you see the possibilities you’ll get as hooked as I did on this whole make money on the internet thing.

As you go through each lesson you learn how to build a website, rank it in Google, and monetize it. And if you have NO previous experience that’s ok, they start you out from the very beginning.

They have these 5 primary courses but they also have classrooms where video tutorials are added all the time.

Classroom topics include:

  • SEO
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Keyword, niche, and market research
  • and more

Why I recommend them

You’ll notice something different right away when you go to Wealthy Affiliate.. It isn’t a “buy my system” scheme… you don’t need thousands of dollars… there is no elaborate sales pitch… and there is no hidden information or up-front cost!… so refreshing.

For the skeptics out there (people like myself) I wrote a review to show exactly what it was like for me in the first 30 days. Spoiler – I loved it.

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewWealthy Affiliate Review – First 30 Days

I don’t think anybody that wants to learn how to make money online can go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s completely free to try and the upside is too good to pass on.

Here is an outline of the first course. Feel free to click each link to get a peak into what they have to offer.


Getting started
Understanding how to make money online
Choose a niche
Building your own website
Setting up your website
Getting your site ready for SEO
Content ideas from keywords
Understanding website pages and creating your first 3
Creating quality website content

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