Traveling Mailbox Review - A Physical Mailbox On The Cloud -

Traveling Mailbox Review – A Physical Mailbox On The Cloud

Trips to the mailbox are dreadful.

I know from experience that only two things really ever come in the mail. Bills… or spam. Neither of which have ever added value to my life.

Checking the mail just feels like such a waste of time.

This reason alone might make many people consider ditching their physical mailbox. The best part is, now they can.

The traveling mailbox

In this post I am going to share with you my review of the Traveling Mailbox and why I think this company is a great solution for those needing a “virtual” address.

Traveling Mailbox Review

The Benefits

The Traveling Mailbox is an online service that provides you with a physical address, separate from your actual address, that YOU never have to actually go and check on.

It takes just a couple minutes to get your new address set up and you’d then have TWO addresses.

Your Physical Address: 1234 No Mail Please Dr, Washoe City, MI 87990

Traveling Mailbox Address: Choose an address from 19 cities (they’re always adding)

Aside from not needing to physically check your mailbox all the time, there are a few other reasons you might find this service beneficial:

  • Establishing a Business Address – Forming an LLC? Use your Traveling Mailbox address as your business address
  • Address stability – If you move often, never worry about updating your address for bank cards, investment accounts, etc
  • Moving out of the country – Keep an address in the US and check your mail online no matter where you are in the world
  • Address privacy – Keep your actual address private from others if you choose. If you have to share your address, use your Traveling Mailbox address

Quick Story: Recently one of my bank accounts was flagged because I was being sent mail to an address I had 4 years ago. Not cool. Now the bank is forcing me to verify my identity… I thought I had done that already when I gave them my money?! Annnnyyyway. lol

How It Works

If you’d like to watch a video, here is a link to the homepage which has a pretty good video showing how the process works.


Once the Traveling Mailbox receives your mail they scan the outside of your envelopes and filter out for FREE any items that are obviously spam.

You then choose whether you want your envelopes to be opened and scanned, forwarded, shredded, or held.

They are partnered with Evernote! You will get an email notification when your mail is ready to be viewed via pdf, however instead of opening your email notification and navigating through websites to check your pdf’s, use Evernote!

You can get all of your pdf’s automatically sent through your Evernote email where you can view them with just one click. It’s much faster.

Common Questions

Does The Traveling Mailbox accept packages?

Yes, however they will need to be forwarded. Once the package is received, you will get a scan of the shipping label and you can then have the package forwarded to anywhere in the world exclusively with UPS.

How much does it cost to forward?

For envelopes, it costs only as much as the postage to forward mail. There is no mark-up.

It costs $4.95 to receive packages.

Which carriers can they receive packages/mail from?

You get a real street address with The Traveling Mailbox so packages can be received from just about anyone. This includes UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

Who This Is For

I recommend the Traveling Mailbox for individuals and small companies. Maybe YOU are BOTH.

The packages they have listed can handle up to 200 envelopes per month.. which is a ton for one person in my opinion. That’s nearly 7 per day… I’m not that popular.

They do have an option for larger businesses to call their sales team to create a custom plan, so the capacity for larger mail handling is there.

Why The Traveling Mailbox?


You can get started with The Traveling Mailbox for $15 per month. That’ll get you 40 envelopes received each month. For many individuals, this is probably plenty.

Own a small business? They have a pre-packaged plan for $55 that will allow up to 200 incoming envelopes.

Shredding is always FREE and is handled on-site.


Price doesn’t mean anything without a comparison.

Comparing similar Traveling Mailbox plans to Earth Class Mail you can see the difference.

The Traveling Mailbox:

The Traveling Mailbox pricing

Earth Class Mail:

Earth Class Mail Pricing

I want to add that The Traveling Mailbox offers many of the “extra” features that Earth Class Mail shows underneath their pricing.

Also, Earth Class Mail advertises unlimited mail scanning. In their fine print they say that this only applies to “normal mail” volumes however does not clearly disclose what that means.

Earth Class Mail is not a bad option if you have the money for it but as you can see, The Traveling Mailbox absolutely dominates Earth Class Mail based on affordability.

So if price is your driving factor, I recommend The Traveling Mailbox.

Getting Set Up

It takes just 3 steps to get set up:

  1. Got to the homepage and sign up
  2. Complete a form that allows The Traveling Mailbox to accept mail on your behalf
  3. Update your address with USPS – DONE!

That wraps up this Traveling Mailbox review.

I hope this makes your decision easier to make and that you get the full benefit out of using them.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Leave a comment and don’t forget to find me on social media. Say hello!


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