How to Become Smarter - Think Less -

How to Become Smarter – Think Less

I’m overly optimistic… I haven’t decided yet if that’s a good or bad thing.

What I am starting to believe about my optimism however, is that it might be the single most important factor guiding decisions in my life lately… like starting this blog with zero tech skills or buying an apartment knowing nothing about real estate.

It’s been a bit of a recent phenomenon in my life. I wasn’t always that way.

And I’ve been exposed to my fair share of failures so it’s not like I don’t know what failure feels like either.

Am I gullible?… Naive? I’m not sure, but probably both to some degree.

I think what it might be is that I often don’t think things ALL the way through and thus, gives me an edge when it comes to taking action. I want to share this thought before it leaves my brain.

For those of you that think too much, this post is for you: Think Less

Think Less and Do More

hanging out of carDon’t get me wrong, I have a brain and I do think a lot. I just believe that less time thinking would probably be in the best interest of a lot of people, especially, those that just think ALL the time and never do anything.

Keep an open mind. I want to share with you a few ideas that I think may (or may not) help you turn your ideas into action.

THINKING is safe. DOING is scary

1- We are all going to die

WHOA! Straight out of the gate with a downer comment!!!

Alright, give me a chance here.

I’m 30 as I write this and the fact that we are all going to die is becoming more and more real as I’ve grown out of the 20s.. I’m beginning to have wrinkles on my forehead, society expects me to drive a nice car by now, and… still no child?

Some say that having this idea toward the forefront of thoughts is to carry a negative outlook. I respectfully disagree. It’s what happens in life isn’t it? How is it any different than understanding the consequences of jumping out in front of a car?

Just because there are less immediate ways to die, doesn’t mean there don’t exist ways in which we slowly die mentally before our bodies ever do… Are you mentally still alive?

When you grasp that you’re inevitably going to die, you’ll feel more comfortable taking risks, doing things sooner than later, and appreciating the small things more.

Real talk: Many of us fear living out our lives at a cubicle because we keep this thought in mind.

Let me describe this with pictures.

The horizontal line (the one that moves) could stand for whatever you want it to.. Happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, money, power… Whatever you find important. The higher the line goes, the more of that thing you have achieved.

The two scenarios describe two different perspectives. Knowing you will die vs believing that you won’t.

Life chart
Life chart

The first photo illustrates going after your dreams, taking risks, and living through ups and downs, primarily with an upward trajectory because well, I’m an optimist.

The first photo involves TAKING MORE ACTION.

The second photo shows the trajectory of playing it safe, taking little action, and settling. How depressing does that second one look..

Life is obviously a little different for everyone and I’m no scientist or anything.. I just drew this to make you *facepalm*…. think. lol

2- Think less.. Be lazy every once in awhile.

All that planning, thinking, and strategizing… That’s hard work! Take a break every once in awhile and do something spontaneous and maybe a bit outlandish.

What harm has one spontaneous act ever caused? If it’s caused any I’m sure it was reversible.

Man on a mountain

Have you been thinking about putting up a flyer to promote your band, start a blog, or get someone’s attention? Just go ahead and do it. Honestly I encourage that if you have the ability to do something right NOW, you should.

Stop reading this. Make a phone call. Go start a business.. NOW… This post isn’t going anywhere.

…. The longer you wait the harder it will be. DO IT!

3- Fear and Failure are your best friends

As a kid, whenever I got a cut or a scrape my parents would put peroxide on it. Man, does that burn. As soon as the peroxide hit the scrape I would yelp “Ah that burns!” and my parents would say “Good, that’s how you know it’s working.”

That made the pain bearable because I knew it stood for something positive.

Think of fear and failure this EXACT same way!

Sure, they might be scary and uncomfortable, but whenever you experience them just have faith that you’re on the right track, because you are. It means things are working.

What are you afraid of doing right now? That is the thing you need to go and do!

Try not to get caught up in negative self-talk and remember that most fears are irrational.

That’s the 10X Rule talking.


I hate seeing people stuck in a rut afraid to pursue their dreams. It generally comes with all kinds of excuses we make for ourselves. I’m guilty of it too.

Here’s my final thought:

Don’t outsmart your common sense.. Stop overthinking and start doing.

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this. Do you take enough action? If not, what’s stopping you?



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