Average Is A Terminal Illness - The 10X Rule -

Average Is A Terminal Illness – The 10X Rule

This post is for anybody that may be on the verge of making a life-altering decision but just needs that little extra nudge. I know I get like that all the time.

Do you ever just think and think and think and before you know it realize you’ve been thinking forever and still haven’t done anything. It’s the worst.

I wanted to share with you a book that really helped me a few months back. It helped my buy my first piece of real estate actually.. More on that below.

Check it out!

WARNING: Average thinkers may find this book offensive

It’s called The 10X Rule.

The Format

  1. Two Main Topics
    • Thinking 10X
    • Taking 10X Action

What does 10X even mean?

In short, 10X is the multiplier by which your thinking, goal-setting, and actions should be founded upon.

Sure it’s arbitrary and far from scientific, but it gets the point across perfectly.

The point: Think bigger and do more.

What I Liked Most

This one is easy for me… it’s the delivery.

Grant Cardone (author) is probably one of the most charismatic guys I’ve ever watched or listened to.

The way he talks is very personable and you feel like your listening to a best friend give you straight advice. He even says words kinda funny because I think he’s Southern.

By the time you get even a quarter of the way through the book, you may experience some changes in your thought process.

I started to change my goals and perspective on success asking myself questions like “What is success to me?” and “What am I afraid of?”

This Book Helped Me Buy Real Estate


One of the main steps in buying real estate is talking to realtors. Check out the process here.

I’m from Las Vegas, NV and I was interested in property on the East Coast/Midwest.

Because of my day job I wasn’t able to get home to make calls until around 6pm every night during the week.

See my dilemma? The time difference… I wasn’t able to START calling realtors until 9pm their time. This left me discouraged and I started finding excuses not to call.

I’d think to myself:

  • I can’t call on the weekends because that’s rude
  • I can’t call after dinner time
  • I don’t want to get up early in the morning to call because realtors likely aren’t ready to talk then (completely unfounded)

I found myself just staring at the phone, wanting to dial… but doing nothing.

Afraid to call

At the time, I was obeying society’s rules and approaching things from a reasonable perspective.

After reading the 10X Rule, I changed that. I started calling realtors up until 11pm EST, which to many normal people, seems unreasonable… but hey, I ended up with a 4-plex.

I decided to start taking unreasonable action and stopped worrying about the “rules.” After that, opportunity really opened up.

The fears I had about calling during odd hours weren’t even real. What a joke. Even after I decided to start calling “after hours,” not ONE realtor seemed to have any problem with it.

FEARFalse Events Appearing Real

Fear is an illusion

Other Stuff

Narrator (15/10)! – The narrator (Grant Cardone) IS the author in this one, which I really enjoy. Whenever authors narrate their own books it adds a level of character that you don’t really get when someone else reads it. He has a charisma that makes you want to get up and DO without coming off as “sales-y.” It’s not overbearingly in your face and gimmicky.

Length (9/10) – Great length (7+ hours) so you’ll definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Not too long but not too short.

Content (10/10) – There’s an awesome list toward the end of 30+ things that successful people do. Throughout the book he also gives examples of ways in which to beat the competition, including yourself all while being generally motivating.

Need some motivation? Pick it up.

I’d love to know what you think of it so let me know!



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