Is An MBA Worth It? - Halfway Through, Here's My Opinion -

Is An MBA Worth It? – Halfway Through, Here’s My Opinion

The old ways of doing business won’t survive forever. I believe that suits, ties, and cubicle life are all going to become more and more obsolete as time goes on.

Would you rather invest your time and money into a traditional degree?… Or would you rather learn more innovative ways of making a living, educating yourself, and living on your own terms?


Is An MBA Worth It?

There are two different ways I want to attack this question:

  1. Is an MBA spiritually worth it? – Will you be satisfied and fulfilled with your life going this route?
  2. Is an MBA financially worth it? – Are there any other opportunities out there that you can better spend your money on? Hint: There are!

I’ll first talk about this from the spirituality angle.

Is An MBA SPIRITUALLY Worth It? – Happiness

Will an MBA make you happy?

There are 3 types of people in the world:

Business People that Are Miserable: People wearing suits and ties (or even khakis and polos) sitting behind desks all day obeying the orders of someone else, and miserable.

These people typically want their MBA because they want a better life for themselves and their family but don’t know of any other way to make things better… this is the EXACT reason I started my MBA.

Normal People: These are Business People that have numbed themselves to the reality of their true circumstance. They go through life working for somebody else the entire time, used as a pawn in the big picture, and are totally cool with that… or just unaware.

These people are content with their jobs and likely won’t even read this post. For these people, an MBA may or may not help them. These people likely aren’t looking for a promotion… They’re “good.”

This is the worst group to fall into and it’s also the largest.


Entrepreneurs: Those people out there hustling, trying to figure out how they can create a lifestyle allowing them to live life on their own terms.

Most entrepreneurs won’t read this post either because they’re already out there making things happen! However, maybe you have the blood of an entrepreneur but are trapped in a Normal Person circumstance and just need a nudge.

If that’s the case, this post will help you.

Is it possible to be a blend of these 3? Absolutely. There are always shades of grey.

Types of positions for Normal People and Entrepreneurs

Business-Miserable/Normal – Corporate/Office Job Employee

If your end goal is to become the VP or CEO of a big company, work 60 hour weeks, and never escape the 9-5 rat race? An MBA might just be for you.

In my opinion, a life within the rat race is exactly what an MBA prepares you for: shuffling papers, pointless meetings, and office politicking.

I’m just over halfway through my MBA and from experience I can tell you that if you have any entrepreneurial spirit you won’t get much out of it. In none of my classes have I learned how to form my own business, hire my own employees, or create a brand. All of which are important to business owners.

So far I’ve retained about 2% of the information.

How I feel at school

This can likely be explained by my lack of interest. The information I’m looking for isn’t aligned with the information an MBA provides: Business Owner vs. Business Worker

No matter how high you climb in an office environment, it’s important to remember that you will always be just an employee. Don’t kid yourself of anything else.

Entrepreneur – Business Owner/Financially Free Individual

Do you wish you could wake up everyday with the choice to do anything you want without feeling financially stressed?

Maybe that involves spending time with family, traveling, or picking up a new hobby.

That’s the life of a successful entrepreneur.. and hey, even struggling entrepreneurs!

You don’t need to own Facebook or Coca-Cola to live on your own terms either. How much money would you need to make every year to quit your job?

Your number, no matter what it is, is actually pretty small compared to the amount of money that’s being transacted on a daily basis. The world is SO BIG! Would you quit for $50,000 per year? $75,000 per year?

Totally achievable!

Are you a Miserable Business Worker, Normal Person, Business Owner, or Combo?

Conclusion: An MBA is NOT spiritually worth it and will not make you happy

In the end, an MBA will do nothing more than help you take another step toward your cubicle-coffin and seal your fate amongst those that die after a life of servitude on the cubicle farm.


As I write this post I’ve completed 7 out of the 12 classes required to earn my MBA. The program is AACSB certified and available online… and also probably the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time.

Every single day I wonder to myself, is an MBA worth it? My gut knows what the answer is, I’ve just been so brainwashed for so long that I have a hard time listening to it.

By the time I complete the MBA program (if I decide to finish), I will have spent way too much money.

Tuition and Books: $1,500/class x 12 classes = $18,000

Airfare, car rental, and hotel room to take a 5 day trip required by one of the classes = $1,000

TOTAL MBA Price = $19,000

The problem is that I’m not rich. $19,000 is a lot of money and I’m not willing to go into debt for a degree that may or may not benefit me in the future… and for most MBA’s, especially accredited ones, $19,000 is cheap!

The result is, I have less money to pursue other alternatives to make money and live on my own terms. It makes it much more difficult or me to open my wallet for better opportunities and investments.

Tight wallet

The Alternative

It wouldn’t make sense for me to tell you not to get your MBA, the degree to which society has convinced us we need so badly, without sharing with you an alternative.

It’s an innovative alternative. Something that’s possible, but that not everyone has come around to accepting yet… and it financially destroys the return on an MBA.

Here’s what it is:

Start your own online business

The internet is HUGE and it’s only growing as more and more people gain access to it.

Along with the growing number of users, more and more items are being purchased over the internet.

So let’s do some common sense math: An increase in number of people using the internet AND an increase in the amount of things people buy on the internet = FREEDOM!

Here’s an awesome article with a video that explains the many ways you can make money online.

The internet has made it possible for just about anybody to create their own website. This makes opportunity virtually limitless.

Become a freelance graphic designer, consultant, or even teacher.

You can have a website up and running TODAY if you wanted.

How To Get Started

To get started I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. This is an online community built completely for those that are looking to create businesses online. Call it the Facebook for online marketers.

Check out this Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the process of forming your online business from the very beginning. You can get started with ZERO knowledge about websites.

Financial Comparison

WhoaSo now let’s do an financial/educational comparison.

MBA – $19,000

Website with training for a year to become a successful online business owner – $359

This means that you could be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, a community aimed at teaching you how to become Financially FREE, for 53 years before you’d reach the cost of your cheapest MBA.

AND… You’ll likely end up much more spiritually well-off in the end! Let’s not overlook your happiness. Chances are, if you’ve read this far, you are NOT happy working in your current position.

Time to make a change.

Not sure if you’ve read my About Me page or the START HERE page, but I genuinely want to help you achieve freedom from the 9-5 bind and I believe that you can do that with Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Thoughts

Is an MBA worth it? No.

As someone that has started their MBA program and is regretting it, if you are an entrepreneur, don’t waste your money.

It won’t help you achieve happiness and it doesn’t get you any closer to a life that’s financially free.. In fact, it’ll likely put you more in debt and make you more stuck.

Learning practical information from somewhere like Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the way to go.

Be one of the few people that goes against the grain, and start making money online!

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or how online marketing works, I’d be happy to answer them for you. Also, look me up on social media and let’s connect!

Good luck.


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