Income reports are really fun to share. It almost feels like I’m not supposed to… like I’m breaking a rule.

There are a couple reasons why I want to share.

First, it motivates me. I want to do better than I did the month before and these reports are an easy way to track progress and stay competitive with myself.

Second, it gives YOU a benchmark (hopefully a good one) to learn how to use the same real estate and affiliate marketing tactics I’m using.

I’ll be sharing the finances of this blog in each report with explanations about how I’ve lost or made money.

I hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


MonthAffiliateReal EstateOtherExpensesTotalLifetime Total
April 2017$0$2,500$0-$2,665-$165-$165
May 2017$5$2,600$0-$1,562$1,043$878