How To Make People Like You - From A**hole to Awesome -

How To Make People Like You – From A**hole to Awesome

Depending on your personality type, learning how to make people like you can seem like an impossibility, especially for the shy folks.

Some of us can be so in our own heads that we fail to imagine what’s going on inside the minds of others.

I just read a really good book that I think will help a lot of people understand other people. It goes over (with stories) how to make people like you and get them to do what you want.

Sounds like hocus pocus I know, but the information is 100% practical. No weird BS or crazy, incomprehensible science.

In fact, when you hear many of the lessons in this book you are going to think “Oh that’s just good manners, or common sense.” But I guarantee while you’re thinking that, you’ll also be saying to yourself.. “Why am I not doing that!?”

How to make people like youIt’s called How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Here’s the general format:

  • 2 main topics
    • Winning friends
    • Influencing people
  • 4  total parts
  • About 30 sections, each with it’s own principal/lesson

I want to offer you TWO of the many takeaways I got from reading this book. If you think these are cool, you’ll enjoy this book.

Here they are:

Topic – How to Make People Like You

Principal #1

If you want people to like YOU… like THEM!

Be genuinely interested in people

Seems obvious right?

I can’t remember the last person that I liked that didn’t also like me.

We are naturally attracted to people that like us. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

The lesson – Show a genuine interest in other people and they will naturally like you. Maybe it’s a girl, a mentor, or colleague you want to gain the interest of.

Show an interest in them, and you’ll have it.

BOOM! Mind-explosion. This book is riddled with this stuff.

Doesn’t that seem like common sense? But how many of us are too nervous to give compliments, ask about what another person is doing, or what their dreams are?

Topic – How to Influence People

Principal #2

Do you ever struggle to get your point across in conversation or have a hard time convincing people to change their behavior… even when you’ve made it so incredibly clear that you are right!? LOL

Happens to me all the time.

I used to think it was because the other person wasn’t “open” to my idea, or couldn’t “see” the mistake that I perceived they were making.

…How quickly I was to point fingers. smh.

Turns out, I was the one at fault the whole time.

I couldn’t see it before reading this book, but most of the time when I argued with people I was just digging a hole to bury my argument and/or likeness in.

As the book puts it in one section:

The more you argue with a person, the more you allow that person to convince themselves that they are right.

So why argue?…

Think about that one. The more a person has to counter-argue your point, the more they convince themselves that they are right.

What happens even if you win the argument? The other person will resent you…

Two people arguing

Avoid arguments if you can. No matter what the conclusion of the argument, you will lose.

Why It’s An Important Book

In my opinion, emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than book-smarts.

The problem is, EQ isn’t taught in school so many people are underdeveloped on the subject and practice of dealing with people.

This book will help give you an advantage in any social situation. After all, we’re all just people.

Want to know how to make people like you, get this book.

Other Stuff

Narrator (10/10) – Great timing with his speech. Some narrators have awkward pauses or don’t sound natural. This voice wasn’t distracting at all and actually enjoyable.

Length (9/10) – In all honesty, not sure you can shorten this one (I realize there is probably an abridged version).

It had a lot of quality information. The only reason I gave it an 8 was because my personal interest with just about any book starts to taper around the 5-hour mark. This one was 7 hours. Just a personal thing.

Content (9/10) – This content is to the point, easy to understand, and depicted with storytelling. Perfect combination for a book built around something as practical as making people like you.


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