How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Explain It Like I'm 5 -

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Explain It Like I’m 5

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is the cheapest, easiest, and most hassle-free way to make money online.

It’s conceptually simple and you don’t need to be a genius.

Affiliate Marketing

Here’s how it fundamentally works.

  1. Find products you like
  2. If they’re helpful, recommend them to other people.
  3. Get paid if people use your recommendation

All you need is a website, a product or service you believe in, SOME money ($150), and time to write.

There are communities and training out there for getting started.

I feel like some things are better learned if they’re shown.

So in order to show you how easy it is to start affiliate marketing, let’s walk through a real life example.

Real Example

For this example, we’ll use the first post I ever wrote: How To Start A Blog From Start to Finish

Although this is just one example, once you’ve learned how to affiliate market one product, you’ve learned how to do them all.

Step 1: Find Products You Like

One of the companies I recommended in the above post was Bluehost. They provide web hosting service and they’ve been great to use so far.

Have you ever wondered where websites comes from? You’re right, they appear out of thin air but more specifically, they are delivered via a hosting service such as Bluehost.

Step 2: If Useful, Recommend The Product To Other People

It took me nearly 3 months to set this site up and I learned a lot along the way. I wanted to condense the time it took other people to start a website and save them the hassle that I went through.

To do that, I created a blog post on how to start a blog from scratch.

It goes over how I used Bluehost to create the website you’re on right now.

Step 3: Get Paid If Someone Listens To You And Buys

If my post is any good, Google will find it and make it visible. Basically, I wait.

When somebody stumbles upon the post and uses my links to buy, I’ll make a commission.

That’s it! That is literally all affiliate marketing is.

Let’s Recap: What Just Happened?

  1. I found a service that was beneficial to me that I wanted to share with others. (Bluehost)
  2. I signed up for the Bluehost affiliate program.
  3. I wrote a blog about it.
  4. Now, if anybody listens to my recommendation and uses the links, I make a commission.

There’s definitely a certain level of faith involved with affiliate marketing because you never know if or when you might actually make money.

I mean there IS the chance that you could make nothing. But it’s satisfying and thrilling knowing you’ve put something out there… And honestly, I don’t make any money worth writing about as it stands so why not try!?

If you’re at all bored with working your 9-5 job or looking for something fulfilling you’ve got to give affiliate marketing a shot. You’ll love it.

Write about things you care about. It’ll be less boring and you’ll be able to write better content/posts.

Affiliate Marketing = Helping People

From the above example it is easy to get carried away with the idea that affiliate marketing just involves getting people to by stuff… so I wanted to say a few things.

People don’t just listen to anybody. You need to build trust with your readers, give them value, and HELP them. If you are into affiliate marketing for quick money or selling people out, you won’t survive doing it… and you shouldn’t.

It is important to remember that you are helping actual people.

You Are Already An Affiliate Marketer So Why Not Make Money Doing It?

Just about everyone is involved with affiliate marketing. In fact YOU are already an affiliate marketer.

Have you ever watched a really good TV show then told your friends and family about it?


That’s affiliate marketing.

Ever been to a good restaurant and recommended that?

Also, affiliate marketing.

Basically, if you’ve ever recommended anything to anyone, you’re an affiliate marketer…

How awesome is that!? You’re already affiliate marketing and you didn’t even know it! Imagine if you got paid for it.

Affiliate Marketing CAN Make You Serious Money

Close your eyes and imagine writing ONE blog post on April 1st where you recommend a product.

April 2nd. Someone takes your advice, buys the product, and you get paid.

April 3rd. Same as April 2nd.

Affiliate MarketingNow imagine you’re sitting in a pool of cash up to your eyeba… Ok, that escalated quickly. But that’s very possible with affiliate marketing.

The beauty is, making millions of dollars usually isn’t most people’s goal. How much would make you happy?

A couple extra hundred per month? That number is way more in reach than you think.

The Fun Part

Think long-term.

Say you set up one site and it starts making $100 per month.. While that website makes you $100 per month, you set up another, and another, and another. See where I’m going with this?

Before you know it you might be sitting back on the couch making a few hundred bucks per month, maybe even THOUSANDS of dollars per month off of several websites you’ve created over time.

What does this process of building websites become? PASSIVE INCOME

Passive income is the process of getting paid with very little involvement (passively) from you. Less working means more TIME isn’t that what we all want more of?

Guy On A Couch


I’m hoping there is no way after reading this post that you are skeptical about the opportunity to make money online.

Pick something you would enjoy writing about, make a website, recommend quality products, repeat!

I’ll be real with you, there WILL be obstacles. That’s the nature of trying anything new right? But don’t worry, you can reach out to me if you have any problems.

If you feel like you might want some training, Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome no BS source for it. It’s basically a community full of other affiliate marketers that will teach you everything. From building your website, to writing content, to SEO.

I look forward to hearing about your website when you get it set up.

Please share it!

Talk to you soon. -Kyle


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